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 Natalie Dian

 "Environmental Scanning 1999-2008"
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Project Leader and Consultant

Master of Arts (MA) in Physical Education Teaching and Biology Education


Baltic Sea environment

Other University courses in science

Project Leader, The Vision Center for the Futures Creation

Working Style Analysis

Areas of Specialization: Curriculum development for adults

Management and leadership

Public health

NGO:s (Non Governmental Organizations)


Project leading and project management, all from the perspective of future studies

Vilken framtid vill du ha Svensson? (What Future Do You Want Svensson?) An orientation in futures thinking for individuals who wish to make informed decisions in their personal and community lives. ISBN 91-87722-17-8, Publisher, Förlaget Futurum 1998. (link:

Radio Broadcasts:
Participant in 10 radio programs produced by the Swedish Educational Radio during the winter 2000-2001, concerning the future in Sweden

Past employment:
Manager of NBV Halland, a NGO. 1998-2001

Free-lance writer. 1998

Project Leader in Trendbreakers, a transnational EU-project, within the Employment Youth Start program. 1995-1997

Teacher in Gymnasium and Public schools. Main subject: sports and biology. 1988-1995

World champion
in team show jumping for student riders, Rotterdam, Holland 1990

Web Site:
Firma Margareta Ivarsson







1973-77 Statens Scenskola, Dramaten, i Stockholm.
1971-72 Marieborgs folkh?3?ola Norrk®§??g
1970-71 Nordiska folkh?3?olan i Kung???

1998-99 Organisationsteori samt i metoder
               kring personlig utveckling.
1998 Fa°Ť?dringens fyra rum
1997 Caf®¶ °„hilo
1991 Kurs i Gestaltterapi

Individuellt stöd i personlig utveckling.
Metoder för filosofiska samtal.
Individuell tr???ng i samtalsmetodik.
Träning inför offentliga framträdanden.

Expert på:
Arbete med fri association för att hjälpa klienten att komma förbi sitt censurbetende.
Lockar fram avspänning och glädje hos kursdeltagaren i träning och inför offentliga framträdanden.
Speciella uppdrag:
2001 -2005 Arbete med klienter som rådgivare och i personlig utveckling.
2002 "Filosofi kring en r? ?osha??ng" Filosofiska samtal med barn kring en konstutst???ning. Roll: Id®¶°ž?vare guide och samtalsledare
Teaterl?2?re projekt kring pj?3£§n "Fiender" av V??a®§??'
1988- 89 Startade teaterlinje i Botkyrka Roll: r?°Ť°živare och l?2?re.

2000-01 för gymnasielinjen för teaterlinjen i Ronneby
Roll: Ansvarig för utbildningen, lärare i scenisk framställning.
1998 Kompetensmässa i Göteborg
Roll: Invigningstalare
1998 Tibro fa°Ť?dringsarbete med fa??ltningschefer i Tibro kommun Roll: Konsult
1976-1988 Arbete på olika teatrar bl.a. på
Stadsteatern i Norrköping, Jönköpings länsteater, Riksteatern

1998 Fa£§??3?re i Kvinnoprojekt Visionscentret Framtidsbygget.
1996-97 i 3 olika utvecklingsprojekt fa ? arbetsl?? Roll: Fa£§??3?re och kursledare
1996 Paneldebatter/seminarier Roll: Samtalsledare/animata?°ťr /> Ledare fa °•ffentliga samtal om filosofi Roll: Samtalsledare/animata?°ťr />  
V?2£§n 88 Regisserade Lule? °įtatsteater
1988 Teaterl?2?re projekt kring pj?3£§n "Fiender" av Gorkij i V??a®¨°ť2 />  
1988 V?2£§n Regisserade "Fram fa ?illa M?2°ša" Av Mikael Segerstr???Lule? °įtadsteater
1996 Reklamfilm fa ®Cisionscentret Framtidsbygget
1995-96 "Tvingande tankar" dokument?2 och informationsfilm om tv??°žshandlingar och dess behandling Roll: Id®¶? Regi, manus
1990-91 "Pornografi en oskyldig lek" dokument?2|ilm fa °ĪV 4 om produktion av pornografisk film i Sverige Roll: Id®¶ °Įegi, manus.
1989 filmarbete med filmen "Ett paradis utan biljard?" Roll: konst?2?ig r?°Ť°živare kultursamordnare Italien - Sverige, regiassistent till Carlo Barsotti
Som egen fa£§°šagare:
2001 -2005 Arbete med klienter som r?°Ť°živare och i personlig utveckling.
Fa£§??3?ingar i olika projekt Ledarutbildningar Arbete med ledarkurser Fa£§??3?ingar Teater

Ditt inre kapital




Splitvision Business Anthropology

Splitvision is a consultancy company that performs research focusing on the experiences of the individual.

We perform qualitative research regarding values and attitudes with the aid of in-depth interviews and participant observation.

We believe that research, measurements and reports only will be of use if they lead to specific measures. This implies an obligation of our clients to be prepared to receive and administer the result of the research.


Areas of Specialisation
Research on attitudes and values
Research on consumption behavior
Research on employees and working environment
Cross Culture Management
As Business Anthropologists, we are experts in holistic research. The research focuses on and brings forward:
What people do and say
What people think about what they do
What people actually do


For more information about Splitvision and our clients:


Nancy Aponno

Partner and co-worker, Splitvision Business Anthropology





Jonas Modin

Partner and co-worker, Splitvision Business Anthropology

Bachelor of Arts in Social Anthropology, including East- and South East Asian Studies, International Relations, Cultural Studies. 1998.

Other University courses in Cultural Diversity and Global Ethics, The Cultural Context of Conflict Resolution and Sociology: Migration and Ethnicity. 1999.

Areas of Specialization:
Business anthropology, identity, ethnicity, youth, sports and national identities.

Minor Field Study in the suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. With the aid of participant observation, focus groups and interviews, the study came to focus on youth and how they look at the creation of identity in the ‘new’ South Africa. The fieldwork was financed by SIDA.
April – July 1998.

Past employment:
Project leader and co-worker for Industriellt Utvecklingscentrum i Gnosjöregionen AB. 2001.

Trainer and facilitator in the project ‘Stereotype breaking among youth in Israel/ Palestine and Sweden’. Peace Quest. 1999-2001.

Things to know about Nancy:
She enjoys reading, travelling and salt liquorice. However, she is afraid of stereotype-based thinking.


Master of Arts (MA) in Ethnology at Gothenburg University, 1997.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Social Anthropology at Gothenburg University, 1999.

Other University courses in behavioural science as: Conflict Management, The Cultural Context of Conflict Resolution, Social Psychology etc.

Areas of Specialization:
Identity, lifestyle-creation, youth identity, gender equality and business anthropology.

Female participation in Burmese exile politics and changed gender roles. Minor Field Study in the boarder area of Thailand and Burma. 70 in-depth interviews and participant observation in meetings etc. The fieldwork was financed by SIDA. November 1999 – March 2000.

“Meat is Murder”, fieldwork in Sweden on the subject: militant vegans as a contemporary phenomenon and militant veganism as a part of constructing identities, values and attitudes. The field study is based on in-depth interviews with 30 vegans and participant observation. Financed by Scan AB. Autumn 1996.

Past employment:
Project leader and co-worker in three projects for Gnosjöregionen AB. 2001.

Salesman at Scribona Computer Products Call-centre 1989-1993. Sporadic on university holidays 1994 & 1997.

Call-centre at Svenska tapetgrossisten / Alcro Beckers AB, 1986 -1987, 1988.

Things to know about Jonas
He loves snow, ice and cold weather and is afraid of fighting-dogs.






Bachelor of Economic Science, Writer and Futurist with expertice in Environmantal Scaning

Economist, graduated from The Stockholm School of Economics, 1971

Art History, University of Stockholm 1975

Areas of Specialization:
Trend forecasting in business life and society, with special focus on technology, values and life styles


Multi-media presentations

Environmental Scanning

Projects and Free-lance work
1984 – 1989 Free-lance for Veckans Affärer Topic: Business Trends

1989 – 1991 Free-lance for Dagens Industri Column - Art auctions and business trends

1987- 1990 Free-lance for Månadsjournalen Column: Art auctions

1980 – 1982 Sotheby´s Responsible to President for marketing activities in Scandinavia

1987 – 1988 Consultant to Bra Böcker AB Marketing Manager for Nationalencyklopedin

Från Diamant till timglas. Trender i 90-talets näringsliv, Liber 1988

År 2002. Trender i näringsliv, samhällsliv och privatliv, Liber 1991

Europe 2002. Looking Ahead to a New Europe, Kogan Page 1991.
   Named “European Management Book
   of The Year 1991 by Euro Business
   Publishing Network, a group of six
   leading, independent business
   publishers in Europe. Translated to
   Norwegian, German, French, Polish
   and Chinese.

Efter stålbadet. Trender i morgondagens arbetsliv, Liber 1993

En förändrad värld. En guide till det nya individsamhället, Liber 1996
   Named ”Leadership Book of the year
   by KF 1997

Efter Sverige –från nationalstat till nätverkssamhälle. Liber 1998

Past employment:
1972 – 1984 Part owner and Marketing Manager, Pi Wahlström AB

1997-2000 Owner and VD, ExplaChange AB The company offered consulting in Competitive Intelligence and Futures analysis, held training and published trend reports

2000 – 2001 Senior consultant, Affärskraft AB Seminars, consulting assignments, training, and large projects. Intra- and Internet based intelligence gathering in different forms, from observation platforms to digital newsletters and complete scanning systems

1984 –1997, 2001 - Owner and VD (President) of Företag & Framtid AB The company offers consulting in Competitive Intelligence and Futures analysis, holds training and publishes trend reports

Web Site
Bengt Wahlstr???


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