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About The Vision Center for Futures Creation
The Visions Center for Futures Creation offers consulting and training services. The goal is to help companies and organizations be more effective and productive now and in the future. We have a strong profile in planning for the future. We apply qualitative and quantitative based processes to communites and companies. Our primary tools include: environmental scanning, trend analysis and scenario writing. Our profile is strengthened by wide experience in organization development. The Future begins now, therefore subjects such as leadership, personal development, conflict solving and organizational questions are central in insuring that desirable future outcomes are reached. Among our clients you will find companies, government authorities and non-profits.

FramtidsbyggetTM, (Building the Future), which has its base in the discipline of futures studies, was created in 1992. It became a model for studies of the future that could be taught to people that had no earlier experience in the subject.At the same time the community gained a number of possible scenarios that could wake politicians, citizens and companies to be able to see new possibilities and possible future problems. FramtidsbyggetTM later became the basis for use in companies, organizations and government agencies.

What is FramtidsbyggetTM?
FramtidsbyggetTM is our award winning process for a complete study of the future. Relevant portions of FramtidsbyggetTM are used in all of our futures based consulting and trainings activities. The basic steps in the process are: values, trends, trend analysis and scenarios. FramtidsbyggetTM can also be used to identify desirable futures. All parts of the process are dependent of one another for quality and a thorough, sustainable view of the future.

Our Values
Good relations are important for a good result. Together vi and our clients determine the short and long term results we wish to obtain in each project. Our clients are experts in their respective fields and we offer knowledge, process and insight about organizations in a larger perspective. Our expertise lies in being able to match the correct process to the situation at hand. Our starting point is mutual respect filled with the belief that we all become better because of our experience. We believe that a combination of different types of people and different disciplines give the best results. Everyone learns in their own way and methods must be suited to the individual.

Our Mission:
To give as many people as possible experience in long-range thinking, values articulation, the ability to learn for life, an understanding of patterns in organization and governmental behavior and the interconnectedness of all life. We wish to inspire motivation for life-long learning and personal development as well as the development of organizations.

Our vision:
To be Sweden's and Europe's leading learning and consulting center in studies of the future.

We also have...
developed Foresight Styles Assessment – how you handle changees in relation to your foresight style as an individual or company.


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